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To The Limit – The Essential Collection 3-CD + Eagles Store Exclusive Litho (Pre-Order)

To The Limit – The Essential Collection 3-CD + Eagles Store Exclusive Litho (Pre-Order)

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This is a pre-order, shipment will arrive on or before April 12th, 2024. 

As the Eagles’ highly anticipated final tour continues to sweep across America, Rhino announced today that it will release a definitive, career-spanning collection that combines the band’s greatest hits with beloved album tracks and classic live performances. 

TO THE LIMIT: THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION thoughtfully curates 51 songs from the studio albums and live recordings the Eagles released between 1972 and 2020. All of the band’s best-known tracks are here, including the #1 hits “New Kid In Town,” “One Of These Nights,” “Best Of My Love,” “Hotel California,” and “Heartache Tonight.” The set also features plenty of fan favorites with songs like “Desperado,” “Victim Of Love,” and “In The City.” A limited edition, embossed lithograph will be available as a gift with purchase exclusively at 

Beyond the studio, TO THE LIMIT highlights the Eagles’ impressive touring legacy with more than a dozen electrifying live tracks. These feature selections from Eagles Live (1980) – including the Top 40 hit “Seven Bridges Road” – as well as songs from Hell Freezes Over (1994), The Millennium Concert (2000), Live At The Forum ’76 (2017), and Live From The Forum MMXVIII (2020).

CD One

  1. “Take It Easy”
  2. “Peaceful Easy Feeling”
  3. “Witchy Woman”
  4. “Train Leaves Here This Morning”
  5. “Nightingale”
  6. “Desperado”
  7. “Doolin-Dalton”
  8. “Tequila Sunrise”
  9. “Outlaw Man”
  10. “Saturday Night”
  11. “Good Day In Hell”
  12. “The Best Of My Love”
  13. “James Dean”
  14. “Already Gone”
  15. “Ol’ 55”
  16. “On The Border”
  17. “Midnight Flyer”
  18. “After The Thrill Is Gone”
  19. “Lyin’ Eyes”

CD Two

  1. “One Of These Nights”
  2. “Take It To The Limit”
  3. “Hotel California”
  4. “Life In The Fast Lane”
  5. “New Kid In Town”
  6. “Victim Of Love”
  7. “The Last Resort”
  8. “I Can’t Tell You Why”
  9. “Heartache Tonight”
  10. “In The City”
  11. “The Long Run”
  12. “Get Over It”
  13. “Love Will Keep Us Alive”
  14. “Hole In The World”
  15. “How Long”
  16. “Busy Being Fabulous”

CD Three

  1. “Seven Bridges Road – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (1980)
  2. “Take It Easy – The Forum (1976)
  3. “Take It To The Limit” – The Forum (1976)
  4. “New Kid In Town” – The Forum (1976)
  5. “Hotel California” – The Forum (1976)
  6. “Already Gone” – The Forum (1976)
  7. “Desperado” – The Forum (1976)
  8. “Heartache Tonight” – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (1980)
  9. “I Can’t Tell You Why” – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (1980)
  10. “Life In The Fast Lane” – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (1980)
  11. “Tequila Sunrise” – MTV (1994)
  12. “In The City” – MTV (1994)
  13. “Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Staples Center (1999)
  14. “The Best Of My Love” – Staples Center (1999)
  15. “One Of These Nights” – The Forum (2018)
  16. “The Long Run” – The Forum (2018)
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